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“Rachel McMurray makes everything so accessible for our young people who struggle so much with emotions, writing, reading, making sense of the world and social interactions.  I am feeling very proud of the lad’s achievement but also very pleased that I was allowed to work with such dedicated, professional, focused and kind people. Rachel teased the best out of the lads and I applaud her.”
(Social worker in Young Offenders Secure Care Home)

(Working with Rachel) “It was enjoyable. I got the opportunity to express yourself, you don’t always get to express yourself here, except with anger.” 
(Prison Project Participant)

“I have worked on numerous projects with Rachel as an actor and as a producer. As both a director and facilitator, she has a natural ability at making everyone feel comfortable and welcome in the room. The safe, relaxed environment really puts actors at ease and gives them the freedom to push their inner boundaries and trust in their director. The outcome is raw, truthful performances and incredible theatre. As a writer she tackles different societal issues with characters the audience can really relate to and get behind. Her writing ignites a fire within you to fight for the injustices shown in the play. She a joy to work with, incredibly hardworking and a true talent”
(Producer, Fine Comb Theatre Company)

“Rachel is a personable, patient and confident director. She engages a company, makes them feel at ease and works to getting the best out of each individual to create the best result for the project”
(Actor, No Such Thing as Ordinary)

“Working with Rachel was the most fun and positive experience I’ve had with a director! It was the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever felt. There’s so much creative freedom involved that sometimes you forget she’s the director! She knows how to direct but most importantly, she knows how too connect. I feel very damn luck to have worked with her and would do it again in a heartbeat”

(Student Actor, The Good Hope)


“I had the absolute pleasure of being directed by Rachel for ‘The Good Hope’ in 2021. Not only did Rachel create such a fun, comfortable and safe environment to experiment as an actor, but considering the climate of the world at the time, she took her actors health, both mentally and physically, into consideration at all times. I absolutely loved working with Rachel and I hope every actor gets the chance to!” 

(Student Actor, The Good Hope)


“I worked with Rachel on a one-woman version of ‘Cinderella’ just out of lockdown. Rachel instantly put me at ease and her direction is super clear. Rachel has a great energy and she brings this into the room with her which puts you at ease straight away”

(Actor, Cinderella/Panto Storytelling)


“Working with Rachel allowed me to explore more about my character within a level that I’ve never thought of before. Looking at the context of the play and allowing me to take certain elements of it and displaying it within my performance”

(Student Actor, Ink)


“I was luckily enough to work as assistant director to Rachel for our second year university project (Love & Information). The whole cast had a great time creating a performance with her that we were really proud of – definitely one of my university highlights! I had never really directed before, but I learnt so much from Rachel and I’m now excited to pursue directing after graduating”

(Student Assistant Director, Love & Information)


“To have studied under and been directed by Rachel has been one of my best experiences as a student. She pushed me to my limits and guided me to find my potential as a performer. She also helped create a very professional environment during our university production of ‘Woyzeck’. If I could work with Rachel in a professional production someday, I would jump at the opportunity to”

(Student Actor, Woyzeck)


“Working with Rachel was an excellent experience for me. Being a part of the wonderful and creative ideas, she developed was truly inspiring. She helped me to develop my own abilities and believe in myself more. I am grateful for all she did for me and our company”

(Student Actor, Antigone)


“Being directed by Rachel was an amazing experience and one I won’t ever forget! Rachel helped me to conquer fears and insecurities which had been holding me back for years, and I am so unbelievably grateful to her! Every rehearsal was enjoyable, well-paced and offered opportunities to explore, which encouraged so much creativity and allowed the actors to thrive”

(Student Actor, Antigone) 

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