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Rachel is Artistic Director of Fine Comb Theatre (associate artists at Oldham Coliseum Theatre). Rachel is also a highly experienced Applied Theatre Facilitator, delivering in wide variety of community settings. 

Directing Credits 

* Love & Information, New Adelphi Productions, New Adelphi Theatre, January 2022

* Aladdin, Oldham Coliseum Theatre,  2021-2022 [Assistant Director]

* Aleiah's Adventures, RN Production, Z-Arts & Tour, 2021

* No Such Thing As Ordinary, Royal Exchange Theatre & Tameside Creatives, GuideBridge Theatre, 2021

* The Good Hope, The Arden School of Theatre, 53Two Manchester, 2021.

* Woyzeck, Staffordshire University, Staffordshire University, 2021.

* I Would Walk at Night, R&D, Online, Fine Comb Theatre, 2021.


*Through My Window, Staffordshire University, Staffordshire University, 2021

* Panto Storytelling, Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Oldham Coliseum Theatre & Schools Tour, 2020/21

* The Way Things Are (R&D), Fine Comb Theatre, Oldham Coliseum Studio, 2020

* Instagate, Staffordshire University, Staffordshire University, 2020

* Not Yours, Mine, Fine Comb Theatre, Oldham Coliseum Studio, 2019

* Not Yours, Mine (R&D), Fine Comb Theatre, Hope Studios, 2019

* Fine Comb Conversations, Fine Comb Theatre, Oldham Coliseum, 2018

* Creep, JP Productions, 53Two, 2018

* There's a Fly in My Room (Scratch), Fine Comb Theatre, Halifax Square Chapel, 2018

* Lost & Found, #GetInvolved, The Lowry Theatre Studio, 2018

* Matchsticks, Fine Comb Theatre, Oldham Coliseum Theatre, 53Two, Theatre Arrlechino, The Kings Arms, 2016-2018

* Untrained Hero, Fine Comb Theatre, Theatre Arrlechino (Basel, CH), 2017

*Sexpectations, Rapid Response with MAP Productions, 53Two, 2017

Discernment, #GetInvolved, The Lowry Theatre Quays Stage, 2017

*Fat Penguins or Chubby Polar Bears, Fine Comb Theatre, The Adelphi Studio & Theatre Arrelchino, 2016

*The Finger of God, Theatre Uncut, The Kings Arms, 2015

*Small Talk, Fine Comb Theatre, 3MTheatre, 2013

*Just One Minute, Crawling Theatre, Adelphi Studio, 2012

*The Breakfast Club, Crawling Theatre, Adelphi Studio, 2012.

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